Friday, July 31, 2009

The 27th and final thing

I learned some new and interesting things about how to use the technology my nephews and niece take for granted. I doubt I'll ever use Twitter. I'm leaning toward getting a facebook account but what the heck would I post. All I do is work and home, repeat. I need to get out more. I'd like to fix my rollyo search engine so it works on my blog page, and now that I've played with flickr a bit I should stop browsing and pick a few I'd like to add so my profile isn't blank. Now that I've created my blog and wandered through LibraryThing I'd like to keep it going.
I'd didn't get all 27 things to work exactly how they were supposed and I'd like to go back figure out where I went wrong. Today is the 31st and I'm finished. What do I win Johnny? Gimme !
Gimme ! Pleeeease!
Since I don't have brownies to clean my place like Harry Dresden I'd better pick up my kitchen before I go to bed.

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  1. I loved your comments, especially about the brownies to clean up your kitchen.