Friday, July 31, 2009

Things #23 and #24

Well I explored our Spl site a bit. I put Twilight on hold but I'll have to take it off since I finished the copy I borrowed from our guard's wife on Wensday. The dvd request link showed an error message so I'll try it later. I looked up Acne and Diabetes on the Gale group health database and learned some things about skin folicals I'm not sure I want to know. The women and investing group meets on Wensday afternoon and I can't drop by now that my new schedule has changed my days off. I'd use the sacramento bee classifieds for my local job search. I hope I won't need it but I'll keep an I out for chefs/cooks for my cousin.
I like the mango language lessons. I decided to explore Frenchbecause I didn't take it in highschool or college. I took Spanish, ASL, and a semester of German. I may have to skip beyond the first three lessons though. I do know enough to introduce myself and say hello. Maybe I'll try Japanese instead.

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