Monday, August 3, 2009


I wasn't crazy about Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I found it really slow and hard to get into. Maybe it's because I'm not a fourteen year old girl anymore? I don't care about Bella moving in with her dad in a town she hates for the last two years of high school. Moving is bad enough but Bella's social life improves in her new school. Several boys find her interstesting like Mike or Tyler but the one Bella is intrigued with is Edward. Edward can't get away from her fast enough at least at first.
Once Bella and Edward admit they like each other there is a whole new wrinkle to the getting to know you phase of a relationship. Edward is a Vampire. A "vegetarian" vampire no less (a vampire who lives on animal not human blood.) . The end of the book is also a bit predictable too. I knew exactly what was going to happen as soon as the other vampire trio arrived in the Forrest. Boy must protect girl. Girl runs off to protect boy and parents. Bad guy captures girl. Good guy rescues girl. Everyone goes home. I hope the next few books are better but I may just skip the middle and read the last one now. I'll decide after I start book two.

Friday, July 31, 2009

The 27th and final thing

I learned some new and interesting things about how to use the technology my nephews and niece take for granted. I doubt I'll ever use Twitter. I'm leaning toward getting a facebook account but what the heck would I post. All I do is work and home, repeat. I need to get out more. I'd like to fix my rollyo search engine so it works on my blog page, and now that I've played with flickr a bit I should stop browsing and pick a few I'd like to add so my profile isn't blank. Now that I've created my blog and wandered through LibraryThing I'd like to keep it going.
I'd didn't get all 27 things to work exactly how they were supposed and I'd like to go back figure out where I went wrong. Today is the 31st and I'm finished. What do I win Johnny? Gimme !
Gimme ! Pleeeease!
Since I don't have brownies to clean my place like Harry Dresden I'd better pick up my kitchen before I go to bed.

Thing # 26

Thingfo is not currently allowing new accounts. What a relief creating a new widget sounds like fun but I have no idea what I'd put in it. I don't Twitter, have a facebook page or iGoogle. I might use the Rss link or maybe combine all three of my e-mail accounts but maybe not. No widget for me but I don't really need it.

Twitter #25

I don't want to be added to Twitter. I still feel that it's a cutesie waste of time. The librarian link on 27 things was under maintenance so I explored some other topics. Like Ellen DeGeneres the talk show host with her hundreds of followers(I Don't Care!). Eureka one of my favorite shows has a twitter following too. It looks like it's an im of viewer commentary while you watch the latest episode. It will drive me crazy to read this stuff so I'll ignore it.

Things #23 and #24

Well I explored our Spl site a bit. I put Twilight on hold but I'll have to take it off since I finished the copy I borrowed from our guard's wife on Wensday. The dvd request link showed an error message so I'll try it later. I looked up Acne and Diabetes on the Gale group health database and learned some things about skin folicals I'm not sure I want to know. The women and investing group meets on Wensday afternoon and I can't drop by now that my new schedule has changed my days off. I'd use the sacramento bee classifieds for my local job search. I hope I won't need it but I'll keep an I out for chefs/cooks for my cousin.
I like the mango language lessons. I decided to explore Frenchbecause I didn't take it in highschool or college. I took Spanish, ASL, and a semester of German. I may have to skip beyond the first three lessons though. I do know enough to introduce myself and say hello. Maybe I'll try Japanese instead.

Thing #22

My biggest problem with our audio book collection is if I've chosen a book byTamora Pierce or Orson Scott Card's (i.e.Empire) and the copies are not availble or I forget to check my e-mail at home before the grace period is over I loose them. I suppose I could do what Gloria Bugbee used to do. Download and listen to them at work before we open. There are several classic titles I want to try so I guess I'll have to remember to look at my e-mail tomorrow so I can listen to Peter Pan.

Thing #21

Did you know that our state library did podcast? I didn't. I added them to my bloglines account even though the most recent post was from 2007. I was interested in something to do with our state than say the one from Pennsylvania. I also discovered author interviews with Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman and stuff on Firefly and Lost . I may add these to my blogglines later.